Saturday, May 22, 2010

beginner skills: brow tutorial

Hi glam dolls,

I have been getting lots of requests on how I do my brows. If you haven't notice my brows have under gone major changes (for the better) and are now fancy.  And by fancy I mean, they look airbrushed even though they are not.

dont mind my bare face lol

I tweeze my brows very thin and I'm not changing that lol. I got teased a lot as kid because I had big bushy brows, so in 5th grade my mom started tweezing my brows little by little and now they are super thin but I like them that way. If you embrace you natural brows and you don't want to do your brows this way then all you need is a brow pencil to fill them in because I know the hairs might not grow is a perfect uniformed fashion. Brush them out with brow brush or a spoolie and you're good to go.


Products and tools I use
wet n' wild ultimate brow kit in ash brown
essence of beauty small duo brush in fine & precision
neutrogena mineral sheers concealer kit in medium 15
e.l.f. eye liner brush
eco tools concealer brush
sponge applicator

1. apply wax all over brow hair using fine side brush
2. apply the darkest color to fill in the middle of the brow to end/tail using the precision side
** doesnt have to be perfect**
3. apply the lighter color to the front of the brow extended far from your natural start of the brow of using the same brush
4.using a creamy concealer apply to the bottom and top of your brow to create a nice neat line using a  concealer brush
5. blend out concealer very good using the second concealer brush
5. using a sponge applicator drag out the lighter color out until the fade from dark to light is smooth
6. use your concealer brush to clean up the excess and your done

I know I explained to like it's so easy lol. truth is that to master this brow takes time. I watched so many tutorial on Youtube trying to figure out the best way and I took a little from each tutorial and found this way worked the best for me. I have all those tutorials saved in my favorites on my youtube channel. Don't feel defeated if the first few time you try it doesn't look right. It took me a week of practice where I would draw them take them off and repeated the whole process.

Just practice, practice, practice!!!

Hope this helps.
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