Saturday, June 19, 2010

back from my vacation + fotd

hi glam dolls,

I'm back from my vacation which was not a vacation at all! It was a series of unfortunate events. First I left with a sore throat and I got over that only to get worse. I was swollen! My entire body was swollen, I couldn't wear jeans.. it was a mess and everything I ate gave me a tummy ache. I swear i was ready to come back home as soon as I got there. When I started to feel better then my mom got sick and now its my turn again. AHHHHH!!!! lol Anyways as soon as I feel 100% I'll be back to making videos. I have a bunch of new ideas.. I also reading a new book, Unforgettable You by Daisy Fuentes. So far i absolutely love the book. It's a must read. I will have a full review when I'm done with the book.

p.s. I feel terrible about not posting any fotd or ootd but like I said it wasn't a great trip lol. but here are a few pictures from the days that I felt a little better and managed to do my make-up:

p.s. if you want to see any of these looks in tutorial, leave me a comment.

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