Wednesday, July 28, 2010

blog awards!!

Hi dolls!

I'm soooooo late with these awards and but they are finally here. Thank you ladies for thinking of my blog!
First blog award was by Jennifer, sweetest curvy doll ever with an amazing style.

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Second blog award/tag was by Beverly, who is amazing! I absolutely love her blog and her make-up skills.

The rules are:

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The person who tags you makes 8 questions up that they wish you to answer and once you have finished answering their questions, make 8 up of your own and pass it along to 8 more lovely bloggers.

Beverly's questions for me
1.  What is your all time favorite food???
   I absolutely love cuban bread! I could eat two loafs in one seating if you let me lol.
2.  Name a t.v. show you are hooked on
   Drop Dead Diva. I love jane (brooke elliot), she's so funny and upbeat. The show has lots of turns so    you never know what to expect and it's so funny.
3.  What is your favorite magazine??
   People Style Watch! I love how it has celebrity trends and beauty tips. I can't live with out it.
4.  How many siblings do you have???
   None. I'm an only child... and yes, I'm very spoiled lol
5.  What is your favorite color??
   If I had to pick one it would be green like a lime green or an emerald green. I feel connect to my abuela because her birthstone was an emerald. awwww
6. What is one thing people don't know about you and would never guess by looking at you?
   I'm terrified of escalators. I HATE them and I will NEVER get on them (neither direction). My palms get sweaty and my knees get weak just by seeing one lol. It's horrible and if you try to force me, I have panic attacks. Maybe I should see a psychologist about this issue lmao!
7.  3 things you can't live without
   sour gummies, internet lol, my car
8.  can you walk in high heels, if so do you wear them everyday?
   Yes I could walk in heels but it cant be a stiletto heel lol I need support. So it needs to have a sturdy heel if that makes sense. 

My questions for you
1. What are your favorite shows?
2. List 3 songs that are the soundtrack of your summer
3. What's your favorite skincare line?
4. What's your favorite movie of all time?
5. Share one of your most embarrassing moments
6. List 3 things that are your summer essentials
7. What's your favorite color combination?
8. What is your makeup must have?

The Rules:

1. Describe where you'll be in 10 years
2.Pass this award to 10 blogs you love

In ten years, I will be married to my soulmate with three beautiful babies living in our dream home.  I will have a successful makeup and skincare line that will be 100% organic. I will also have a successful spa that will be in the process of expansion to new locations. If I'm not on youtube making tutorials, I would still like to be showing techniques and tutorials to people interested because I really enjoy it, I could continue to do so in the form of a seminar/workshop or who knows I might open a school lol. I would also like to work with an organization or foundation for body image, self-love & self-esteem for women because it's something that I feel is really important at any age. I honestly just want to be happy with the people I love and doing the things that I love. 


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My 15 nominees for all awards
1. Dollface
2. BBM
3. Case
4. Linda
5. Weesha
6. Dacia
7. KaNe
8. Jessica
9. Jenny
10. Krystyles
11. Rebequita Rose
12. Claudia
13. Leah
14. Jenny
15. LaCarla
** listed in no particular order**
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