Thursday, July 15, 2010

FOTD 7.15.2010

Hi glam dolls,

So I decided on trying out looks that I see in other blogs and also on youtube that I really like. So today I was inspired by a look by Tatiana Ward from Beat Face Honey and her everyday sparkle look. I absolutely love her work. I have learned so much from watching her videos on youtube. So this is my take on her look.

Now if you are wondering what happened to my lip.. let me explain lol.
I'm very hairy and I blame my father. So unfortunately I have a mustache, sad but very true. I know this is super bad but for the past forever I would shave it.. Now I know this is bad but I always thought i was allergic to wax and I cried when I tried to tweeze it so I always shaved. Like a man lmao! Anyways, I offered my mustache to the waxing services of my classmate and I was her first victim as my teacher put it LOL. Honestly, I would much rather have this red thing than a mustache because as soon as this heals I will cover it with concealer until it goes away. Did I mention it was my first lip wax? lol I cant wait to start waxing my arms and legs. I'm definitely hooked to wax now LOL.

I also re-did my nails.

I tried a zebra print.
I hope you guys had a great day!

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