Monday, September 27, 2010

did you miss me??

Well I missed you too!

OMG it's been like twenty years! I have missed blogging and making videos so much but life got in the way lol. School has been bananas (not always in the best way), but i'm learning to deal with it and just move on (I will rant about this another day). So anyways,

While I was out, I turned 22!!!

My mom surprised me at school with an ice cream cake and sandwiches. I swear I should get a clue but she always surprises me year after year. I have the best mom in the whole world! (I may be a little biased lol)

Besides that nothing really interesting has happened except for tests and homework. Although I have a bunch of makeup looks to share with you guys.

I found another fabulous make-up artist queen b makeup and I tried out a few of her looks. (first 3 pictures)
Check her out if you haven't already she's incredible.

I also did a few looks on some my friends from school
 Thanks Amber & Erin for being my guinea pigs hehe.

My first sugar skull came out really good if I may say so myself =)

So... I think I might start one of those challenges because they seem so interesting and you guys can learn more about me too. (if you want lol)

Okay so until next time which I promise will be real soon.
Have a great night. <33333

p.s. I found a new way of life. I heard it on a criminal minds episode and I loved it.
If you didn't know I LOVE QUOTES!
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