Sunday, January 23, 2011

Homemade Beauty Series + Skin Type

Hello dollies!

I have decided to share my new love of natural beauty that I discovered while I was in the skin care portion of beauty school. So I'm making a series  to share with you all the fun inexpensive ways to take care of your skin with things in your fridge, pantry or medicine cabinet.

What's your skin type?
Since all of the recipes i'm going to share with you are skin type specific, I wanted to make sure you knew what was your skin type before starting. Skin types get kinda confusing. Prior to starting school I always thought I had combination skin but it turns out I have oily skin because more than 50% is oily.

if you have Normal Skin, you may have/be:

  • clear skin = no blemishes
  • a bit of shine in your t-zone but nothing major
  • small pores and in you t-zone maybe medium sized pores
if you have Dry Skin, you may have/be:
  • a tight feeling all the time
  • a dull complexion even flaky but never shiny
  • easily sunburned so protect yourself against sun exposure
  • prone to aging quicker =(
 if you have Oily Skin, you may have/be:
  • shiny skin soon after washing your face
  • blemishes (whiteheads & blackheads)
  • larger pores which means your pores get clogged easily
  • prone to not showing your aging skin b/c your skin is over moisturized  
if you have Combination Skin, you may have/be:
  • a mix of two different skin types normally 50/50
  1. normal/dry
  2. normal/oily
if you have Sensitive Skin, you may have/be:
  • easily irritated skin 
  • normal to dry skin (rarely in oily skin b/c oily skin is thicker generally)
  • easily sunburned
So i hope you now understand your skin type. if you have any questions or are still not sure you can leave me a comment below and I will respond or write me an email and I will also help you figure it out.

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Stay tuned for some amazing recipes.
 p.s. quote of the day
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