Wednesday, January 5, 2011

nail art of the week: flowers && stripes

hello dolls!

I did my acrylics for the first time on Sunday. I normally do silk nail wraps over my natural nails but I shaped them pointy to do a weird nail art but then I changed my mind lol. I decided to cut all my nails and start over again but then I realized I was out of all my nail wrap materials so I decided to do my acrylics instead. The entire process of prepping my nails, applying the acrylic and balancing them took me about 4 hours (I know its a really long time but like I said it was my first time). I'm right handed so working with my left hand really slowed me down a lot. 

Anyways here's my nail art

 I did a cute and simple design "flower" over stripes. I hope you dolls enjoy. If you're interested in a tutorial let me know and I will more than happy make..

On a side note.. I feel really uninspired to make videos.. like I don't have any ideas.. HELP!!!

stay glamorous
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