Monday, January 3, 2011

tv shows i'm watching

hello gorgeousness!

so I just wanted to share some shows that I'm really excited to watch this 2011 year. woot woot!

 pretty little liars... omg I have been obsessed with this show since last summer when it premiered. So if you didnt know season 2 starts today at 7:58pm (dont miss the first 2 minutes according to the commercials lol) I love all the drama and the mystery.  but want happened to the secret life of the american teenager? it normally starts in january...

finally after like 2 years off tv, the game is finally back and I can't wait to watch and see. I have been watch the reruns on bet all on sunday and I completely missed desperate housewives grrr. TEAM DERWIN =D
I actually like this show. its kinda like heroes in a family funny way. 

although i think this season was cut short and maybe it got canceled. I really liked life unexpected. It was fresh and new. The season finale is on Jan 18 (2 hour episode).

of course we all know I love all things vampire related. so i definitely cant wait for the jan 27 return of the vampire diaries.

and the best for last
gLee back on feb. 6th I think.

&&& I wanted to share a few pictures of my four babies

p.s. happy new year everyone.
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