Friday, August 26, 2011

Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years...

I'm back!

After a 4 month long hiatus, I have finally decided it's time to come back to my blog. I had lots of new changes in the past for months. I got a job then I got recruited for a much better job which is very time consuming. Before I started working, youtube and my blog were my main priorities. Ever since I joined the real working world, I had a very difficult time finding a happy balance better work and blogging. Now I feel more comfortable with my workload and believe I could make my comeback.

During my hiatus, I remodeled my room entirely. I never really posted my room before but let me tell you, it was small! It was pink and tiny in size with little roses on the tile and honestly looked like a 8 year old little girl's room instead of a glamorous 22 year old's room. So what I did was knocked down a wall to make my room twice as large. I painted the walls in Behr's Japanese Fern which is a beautiful shade of olive green (think of the actual olive in a martini and its a brighter shade). Then I painted all of my furniture black. So the color scheme is green, black and white with a few splashes of pink here and there. I absolutely love my room now. Oh and I also added a wall to wall closet with double rods because I really needed it.  Here's a little sneak peek. I will do a room tour post soon.

I also put some highlights in my hair they were at first a penny cooper color. As time passed and washes continued they turned blondish. After a few months of that, I decided to cut my hair and dye it back to black. Oh blue-black hair dye, I may stray but I always come back to you.

I have lots of new ideas for my blog. For starters, I going to start posting more often, set up a schedule if you will that way you dolls know what to expect and I get into the groove once again. Start expect FOTD (renaming to GLAM beauty)  posts several times a week and OOTD (renaming to GLAM style) post a couple times a week as well. Along with other posts like GLAM nails, make-up & nail art tutorials, sewing projects and much more. I found that I was being clustered in a small bubble of beauty and fashion and I would really like to expand my blog to more of a lifestyle blog that incorporates all aspects of my girly life.

I really did miss you guys. I read all of your emails and comments. I'm glad to say that I'm back!!

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