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About Me


My name is Luz Mireya, Lumi for short. I’m an ultimate girly girl in every aspect of the phrase. I’m in my late-twenties and I live in a small town just outside of Fort Worth, TX. I'm originally from Miami, Florida. I'm married to my best friend, Kevin. Together, we have 4 fur babies (Gatica, Leia, Sophie & Jax - 2 dogs and 2 cats). I'm into fashion and beauty so much that I have a degree in fashion design and I'm an (expired Florida) licensed nail technician and esthetician 😂. Coming back this time around, I'm sharing more than just OOTD's and makeup tutorials. I'm sharing my journey into my thirties as a married domestic goddess whose love for glitter and DIY will never fade! 

XO, Lumi